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Our Methods

Preserve Creative Integrity

Our clients and most major advertisers hire their agencies to come up with creative concepts that will sell their products or services. Therefore, unlike other production consultants, we will do everything we can not to negatively affect that creative concept, its execution, and the relationships with your creative partners.

Our Involvement

  • Triad’s involvement is after client creative approval
  • Our focus is on execution and costs. Our first step is a Pre-Bid Meeting, our last, close-out invoice.

Our Role

  • Triad’s role is to facilitate the client-approved production process.

The Results

  • Achieve the best value for our clients. Best is not always least expensive.

Keep Up with Industry Trends

Triad prides itself on keeping up with industry trends and setting them. Here’s how …

I. Professional Networks

Maintenance of strong network through professional associations:
Triad is a corporate member of the American Advertising Federation, with partner Joe Kelly on the AAF National Board of Directors;
The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) has been a client of ours since we started the company;
Triad developed and presents the ANA’s national seminar on Managing Advertising Production as well as customized seminars for its corporate members;
An acknowledgement of our expertise was the ANA’s retention of partner Bill Begina to author its book entitled Television Commercial Production, published and now distributed by the ANA.

II. Seek out industry impact issues

State TV Production credit programs:
Find out how your company can benefit from State Tax Credits for television commercial production
Agency Compensation trends and initiatives:
Value based agency compensation is a concept whose time has come — find out more.

III. Industry Awareness

New production technology & trends
Triad attends seminars, conducts tours of production and post production facilities, and maintains an enormous reference library of material to keep up with the rapid technological advances affecting our industry. Our clients have the most up-to date information available today.
Maintenance of key industry contacts
Our memberships in the AAF and participation with the ANA give Triad a unique opportunity to network with the major players in the advertising community and see the trends coming before they happen.

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