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Production Audit

Many new clients choose to avail themselves of a Production Audit prior to engaging Triad for its Production Management Program. Such an audit usually entails the client choosing a number of past production jobs — broadcast, print, or Internet — and forwarding the complete job jackets to us for review. The job jacket should contain all agency estimates (original, revised, and final), vendor bids, storyboards, layout, job specs, directors’ treatments, overages, and agency invoices with backup. Triad will then review all of that documentation, compare it to our industry benchmarks and database, and provide the client with a report of our findings. At a client’s request we will also make recommendations based on that assessment for the institution of procedures and methods of correcting any shortcomings found in our review. The cost of such an audit is determined by its scope, i.e., the number and size of the projects reviewed and what the client is looking for in the way of recommendations.

While many clients do choose to follow such an Audit with Triad’s full Production Management Program, others have decided to take our recommendations and institute and manage them themselves.

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