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Music Licensing

Suppose you have a particular piece of music that you want to license for use in your television commercial. It is recognizable and you feel it will drive your message home. Typically the rights to that composition will be negotiated by someone in the Broadcast Business Department of your Agency. Is he or she knowledgeable and strong enough to deal with the agent and/or music industry attorney who most certainly will be representing the composer and publisher of the piece you want?

The area of music licensing is fraught with pitfalls. First the price, how much to offer, what’s the negotiating range, what’s the cut-off? Then, exclusivity in your category or not? Geographic area of use? Term of use? What other media you might use it in? Options for the future?

All of these things must be considered before you start negotiating. If you don’t get what you need locked in at the initial negotiation and later need something additional in terms of rights, you could get hung out to dry.

We at Triad have the knowledge and industry experience to either counsel you on such matters or take over the negotiation and drafting of the licensing agreement. It’s up to you. As with celebrity talent, you need an expert on your side to represent your best interests and get the best deal available. Let us help.

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