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Celebrity Talent Contracts

A great many advertisers hire celebrity presenters for work on- and off-camera in television commercials, print campaigns, and personal appearances. In addition, the advent of digital technology and new media such as Internet, cell phone, and hand-held devices, has complicated matters.

These celebrities are represented by agents, managers, and attorneys well-versed in the industry when their contracts are negotiated. As an advertiser it is very important to make sure you have representation on your side that is as knowledgeable and savvy. All too often we have seen Agency business managers with a few years of experience being put in the position of going head to head with top agents and attorneys in negotiating deals for their advertiser clientele.

Don’t get caught short! Let Triad help you negotiate your celebrity talent contracts. Dan Kaye has spent years dealing with these issues, has extensive knowledge of the relevant union contracts, and can take a problem and turn it into an opportunity.

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